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Gut Health Isn't Just for Humans It's for Dogs, Too

  • 3 min read
Here at Nextrition, we're all about shattering norms and redefining what dog food can be. So, when we say our dog food is gut-friendly, we’re not just wagging tails. It might sound surprising since gut health talk usually circles around humans, but hey, your dog’s belly matters just as much!
The gut is your dog’s food processing HQ. When it’s in top form, every bite of food is broken down to unleash the full spectrum of nutrients. Plus, a healthy gut positively impacts 70% of your pup’s immune system. But flip that scene—a sluggish gut? That’s like tossing premium fuel into a clunker. You lose power, or in your pup’s case, vital nutrients.
Our recipes are crafted with prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics (yes, a real thing) to vibe with your dog’s natural biology, never against it, ensuring their digestive system is rocking a healthy balance of microorganisms. It’s not just dog food; it’s a belly-boosting revolution.

A Healthy Microbiome: The Unsung Hero

Both canines and humans sport a bustling microbiome, a lively festival of bacteria, viruses, and micro-organisms partying in the digestive tract. When this crowd is diverse and vibing well, your dog is on point health-wise. Our gut-healthy grub is designed with pre, pro and postbiotics along with natural ingredients such as pumpkin to keep that party popping, balancing the good and bad microbes like a skilled DJ.
Let’s face it, a bad diet is like a bad DJ—throws everything off. An unbalanced menu can lead to a domino effect of too much or too little of the essential microbes. Result? Your dog might not be feeling their best. They could gain weight, lose it, or even show signs of immune or tummy troubles. Not cool.
But here’s the kicker—it’s easy to keep your dog’s gut in the groove. Start with the right food (hint: like our gut-friendly cold-pressed dog food), and your vet can pitch in with some top-notch advice, too.

Signs Your Dog Might Be Out of Tune

Wondering if your dog's gut is hitting some bum notes? A healthy gut grooves with normal poops, regular bowels, and no belly dramas.
If things are off, you might see:
  • Bouts of diarrhea
  • Lots of flatulence
  • Skipping meals
  • Skin issues
  • Weight dropping off the chart
  • A sudden crash in energy levels
All these signs point to your pooch not soaking up the good stuff from their meals. Also, if the microbiome in your pup’s gut isn’t diverse or healthy and you start adding probiotics into their diet it can take a few days for things to normalize. During this time, your dog can experience some diarrhea or other back-end performance issues.

Talk With Your Vet – They’re the Real MVPs

If your dog’s gut health is tuning out, it’s time to sync up with your vet. They’re the headliners when it comes to health and can tell if your pup’s issues need more than just a diet remix.
In most cases, a gut tune-up with the right chow does the trick. Just like us, dogs are what they eat. Feed them something that not only fills their belly but also fuels their whole body—our gut-healthy dog food is engineered to boost that microbiome for a healthy and happy pup.
So, let’s kick the old, dry kibble to the curb and revolutionize your dog’s diet with our gut-friendly cold-pressed recipes. Order now or join our food revolution with a subscribe and save plan. Fresh, tasty, and delivered right to your door—because your dog deserves nothing less than a bowlful of awesome.
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