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The best thing that happened to dogs since belly rubs

Finally! A better way to feed your pup. Meet real, wholesome food gently prepared to support your dog’s digestion, immune system, and overall health.

How do you make sure your furry friend is receiving superior nourishment and nutrition for optimal digestive health benefits?

We're just a small, family-owned biz with one big passion: making dogs feel awesome, from the inside out. No corporate mumbo-jumbo, just real talk and real results.

A letter from the founder

Are we your typical small pet food company?



I’m Jim. 👋

I worked in the kibble industry for years before I founded Nextrition.

And during this time, I learned the ugly truth behind how kibble is made and marketed to pet parents.

I saw how the high heat and steam used to make kibble burns off many of the nutrients and natural flavor.

I noticed how kibble bloats inside your dog’s tummy, taking forever to break down and digest.

And the more I learned, the more I felt like there had to be a better way.

Unfortunately, it felt like the only other options I knew of were way too expensive and/or inconvenient for pet parents.

My journey to find a better option led me overseas and around the world, where I discovered the cold-pressed method of making dog food.

I knew this was what I was looking for when I learned about the digestive and nutritional benefits to our furry family members. Plus, the food is convenient to feed and less expensive than many non-kibble food options.

It didn’t take me long to realize that to bring this vision to life, I needed to build my own small facility so that I could ensure the quality of the food (most small companies produce their products with existing manufacturers).

So, I established our facility at the base of the Rocky Mountains in scenic Ogden, Utah.

But I didn’t stop there.

I hand-picked experts to help and ensure we are creating safe and healthy recipes made from all-natural ingredients – real meat, healthy grains, fruits and vegetables.

Most importantly, I have partnered with Dr. Ruth MacPete, one of America’s leading veterinarians.

I believe Nextrition is the future of dog food and would love for you to join me on this journey.

Jim R.

President & Founder

Top Dog Vet Spills the Beans: Why Your Furry Pal's Gut Health Matters

You know how they say that the eyes are the window to the soul? Well, the digestive system is the window to good health.

70% of your dog’s immune system is found in the gut. Good digestion actively promotes your dog’s immune system and overall health.

A healthy stool is not only a sign of a healthy digestive system, but also makes the clean-up in the backyard easier!

I recommend cold-pressed dog food by Nextrition as a great option for dog parents looking to improve their dog’s gut and overall health.

Dr. Ruth MacPete, DVM

Why us?

We use wholesome, all-natural ingredients, mix and cold-press them at a low temperature at our own facility.

That means we're keeping all the good stuff in—the nutrients, the flavors, the works. Oh, and did we mention it's easier for your pup's tummy to digest vs. kibble? Yep, we're the whole package.

Nextrition vs. The Same Old Dry Kibble

Discover the world of cold-pressed dog food

What is cold-pressed dog food? How's it crafted? And the million-dollar question: Is it the dog food option we've all been waiting for? Hit that button below and prepare to have your mind blown.

Will you help your friend emBARK on a healthy eating journey?

Great health starts with a great diet. Every bowl of Nextrition promotes your dog’s health and well-being.

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