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Dog Nutrition & Wellness Blog

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Doggos love treats. We can use this to train them to respond to our cues. But what if a dog is not treat-motivated? How do we effectively train them when they’re not responding to this powerful incentive?
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  • 7 min read
“What’s the best way of storing dry dog food?” and “How long can dry dog food sit out?” In this article, we’ll answer all these questions and guide you through adequately storing your dog food to increase its shelf life.
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  • 4 min read
This article should unravel the mystery behind "salmon meal" by exploring its composition and benefits. We’ll also discuss whether it is a safe and valuable addition to your dog's diet.
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  • 3 min read
Iron is an essential nutrient for dogs. It plays a vital role in various bodily functions, from transporting oxygen in the blood to supporting the immune system. 
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  • 5 min read
Nextrition Pet, a cold-pressed dog brand, discusses how to unravel the mystery when your dog refuses to eat their kibble.
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  • 2 min read
Explore reasons why dogs don't chew their food and 7 tips to encourage better chewing behavior in dogs.
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  • 5 min read
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