Things to Think About If You Feed Your Dog From a Plastic Bowl

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Things to Think About If You Feed Your Dog From a Plastic Bowl

  • 2 min read

Plastic – the superstar of manufacturing materials. It’s everywhere, from cell phones to space shuttles. But when it comes to your dog’s food bowl, plastic might not be the hero you think it is. Sure, it’s popular for pet dishes, but is it really the best choice? Let’s dive into why you might want to ditch plastic bowls for your furry friend.

Not every dog will have issues with plastic bowls, but some might. Whether you’re feeding your pup Nextrition cold-pressed dog food or another brand, here are some reasons to reconsider that plastic bowl.

1. Plastic Can Harbor Bacteria

Plastic is porous. That means it can turn into a cozy home for bacteria over time. New bowls are pretty safe, but after a while, tiny scratches and chips – even those you can’t see – become a breeding ground for bacteria and insects. And guess what? Bacteria can make your dog sick. Yuck!

2. Plastic Bowls Can Lead to Allergic Reactions

Nextrition is top-notch cold-pressed dry food formulated to avoid most common allergies – it has limited ingredients, nutrient-dense and just right for most pooches. But did you know your dog can develop allergies from plastic bowls? Yup, just like some humans react to metal jewelry, dogs can react to certain plastics. Look out for inflammation, skin irritation around the mouth and nose, or even canine acne.

3. Some Plastic Bowls Contain BPA

Here’s the lowdown: some plastics are made with bisphenol A (BPA). While a little exposure isn’t usually a big deal, BPA can mess with your dog’s endocrine system. Too much exposure can lead to hormonal issues, obesity, and even more serious problems like infertility and cancer. Not cool.

4. Plastic Can Be Difficult to Clean

Plastic bowls might look clean, but microscopically, they can be a mess. Fats and oils from pet food can get absorbed by plastic, leading to build up over time. This makes it tough to get the bowl truly clean, turning it into a bacteria buffet. If you stick with plastic, scrub those bowls with hot water and dish soap frequently.

5. Plastic Can Break Pretty Easily

Plastic bowls get brittle and can break over time. Cracks and chips mean sharp edges that can injure your dog’s mouth. In the worst-case scenario, your dog could swallow a piece of broken plastic. No one wants that.

The Bottom Line

At Nextrition, we believe in serving our cold-pressed, gut-healthy dog food in the best way possible. Consider upgrading to metal or ceramic bowls for your pup. It’s a small change that can make a big difference. Your dog deserves nothing less than the best – because they’re not just pets, they’re family. Ready to make the switch? Your four-legged friend will thank you!

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