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Why to Avoid Feeding Your Dog From the Table

  • 2 min read

Who among us can resist the soulful gaze of our canine companions? Those big, round eyes have a special way of melting hearts, especially during meal times. They seem to have perfected the art of persuasive staring, especially when they're angling for a bite of our food. Despite the temptation, it's important to remember that indulging them with table scraps isn't the healthiest choice. Our dogs are much better off with specialized, nutritious dog food.
Dogs, with their innate curiosity and love for food, are naturally drawn to us during our meals. It’s common to find them eagerly anticipating any morsels that might fall their way. When accidental treats don't materialize, they often resort to those irresistibly pleading looks, silently begging, "Feed me!"
Resisting these adorable entreaties, however, is important for several reasons. If you’re wondering why, let’s delve into some insights about dogs and human food.


The Digestive Dilemma of Table Food

Dogs have a different digestive system than humans, with unique nutritional requirements. Dog food is specifically formulated to cater to these needs, while many foods humans eat aren’t suitable for dogs. Regularly feeding your dog table food can lead to various health issues, including digestive discomfort, vomiting, and in severe cases, conditions like pancreatitis.


Nutritional Imbalance and Table Food

It's understandable why dogs would covet our meals; they love variety and flavor. But table food is designed for human nutrition and often falls short in meeting a dog's dietary needs. Relying heavily on table scraps can lead to nutritional deficiencies and weight gain in dogs.


Hidden Dangers in Human Foods

Beyond nutritional and digestive concerns, some common human food ingredients are outright toxic to dogs. Favorites like chocolate, grapes, garlic, and onions can cause serious health issues for our canine friends. Sticking to high-quality dog food eliminates the risk of accidentally feeding these harmful substances.


The Risk of Picky Eating Habits

There's also the risk that a dog fed too much table food might become a picky eater, shunning even the highest quality dog foods in favor of human meals. This can lead to a frustrating cycle of begging and selective eating.


Moderation and Exceptions

This doesn't mean that all table food is off-limits. Occasional treats like bits of unseasoned fish, chicken, or certain fruits and vegetables can be fine in moderation. The key is not to let table scraps constitute a significant part of your dog's diet. And always ensure that any human foods you do share are safe for canine consumption.
Remember, while treating your pet with dog-safe table scraps occasionally is okay, maintaining a diet of high-quality, gut-friendly dog food should be the priority. If you're ever unsure about what to feed your dog, consulting with a veterinarian is always a wise decision. This way, you can enjoy those endearing, pleading stares without compromising your furry friend’s health.

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