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  • Name Jasper
  • Age Apr 22, 2022
  • is a Boy
  • Spayed / Neutered No
  • Weight lbs lbs
  • Breed Terrier
  • Activity Active
  • Body type Just right
  • Health issues None
  • Allergies/Sensitivities None


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"My dogs loved the food so much they would wait near the bag at meal times. During the transition period from their old food they would separate it and eat the Nextrition first."

Christina W.

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Cold-pressed dog food is more nutritionally-rich than traditional kibble. This means that your dog needs around 30% less of Nextriton when compared to kibble. To make sure your dog is getting their dietary requirements met, please see the serving guidelines shipped with our food. Still not sure? We’re here for you! Just email us at hello@nextritionpet.com and one of our team members will reach out to you soon.

We sure think so! Kibble is highly-processed dog food, made at high heat (320°F to 356°F), which degrades most nutrients. Unlike kibble, Nextrition starts breaking down immediately — without bloating inside your dog’s stomach. And because our cold-pressed dog food is made from premium ingredients and cooked gently, it retains more of the nutritional goodness and natural flavors. This leads to many benefits, like: improved digestion, boost in immunity, better nutrient absorption and, many more!

Our customers think so! Your dog is getting the highest quality ingredients— real meat, healthy grains and vegetables. We don’t cut corners. And because our food is so nutrient-rich, your dog will need 30% less of it than dry kibble. This means more meals per bag!

When transitioning to a new dog food, you want to do it slowly — over the period of 7-10 days to give your dog’s gut time to adjust, as it is common for them to experience some digestive discomfort during that period as they adjust to the new food. To help your dog get started with our cold-pressed food, you will get a daily feeding guide with your first order.

Every batch of our dog food is made by us in our family-owned facility in Ogden, Utah and tested prior to shipping to ensure it is free of harmful bacteria, so you don’t need to worry about feeding it to your dog.

Nextrition comes in a resealable bag placed within its own box. We recommend keeping the food stored in its original bag in a cool, dry and dark place and away from heat and direct sunlight.

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