How a Puzzle Feeder Can Make Feeding Time Better for Your Dog

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How a Puzzle Feeder Can Make Feeding Time Better for Your Dog

  • 2 min read

Dog owners, let's shake things up a bit! We get it – you love your furry pals and want their lives to be top-notch. That's why you've been all over Nextrition's natural and healthy dog food. Seriously, we appreciate the love. But hey, did you know you can make feeding our cold-pressed dog food even better?

Who says feeding time has to be a boring routine? Spoiler alert: it doesn't! And it doesn't have to be just about food either. Why not throw in something fun, like a puzzle feeder?

So, what's a puzzle feeder? It's this nifty gadget that turns mealtime into a game. They have to solve tasks to get to the goodies inside. And it’s not just for dogs – cats have them too. Even zoos use puzzle feeders to keep their wild residents entertained during mealtime.

Get Those Doggy Brains Buzzing

Nextrition cold-pressed dog food is already a rockstar, especially for pups with allergies or sensitive tummies. But why stop there? Toss a puzzle feeder into the mix to light up your dog's brain. Mental stimulation is the secret sauce for keeping your dog's mind sharp. Back in the day, before dogs became our cuddle buddies, they had to hustle for their meals. So, you are doing them a favor by keeping their problem-solving skills in check.

Puzzle feeders are like a mental gym for your dog. They help fight boredom, reduce anxiety, and curb destructive habits. Think of it as a way to keep your dog’s mind as sharp as their teeth.

Slow Down, Speed Racer!

We get it – your dog LOVES Nextrition. They wolf it down faster than you can say "sit." While it’s great to see them enjoy their food, eating too fast can be a no-go. Fast eating can cause digestive drama like bloating, vomiting, and choking. Yikes!

Enter the puzzle feeder. It slows your dog down between each bite. It’s a genius way to keep them from inhaling their food and to grow brain power; they have to think and nibble. Slower eating means better digestion and fewer tummy troubles.

Get Them Moving

Some puzzle feeders are all about action. They move around, making your dog chase them to get to the food. It's like a mini workout session, and any extra movement can be a win. Sure, it’s not the same as a romp in the park, but it gets your dog moving and grooving, which is usually a good thing.

Treat Yo’ Dog

To your dog, a puzzle feeder is like hitting the jackpot. It's a treat, not an everyday thing. So, keep it special. Don’t use it for every meal – otherwise, the novelty wears off. Pick a puzzle feeder that matches your dog's skill level. If you're unsure, your vet can steer you in the right direction.

We're stoked that you're feeding your pup Nextrition. Now, let’s make it even more awesome. Spice up mealtime with a puzzle feeder now and then. Trust us, your dog will thank you, and feeding time will never be the same again.

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