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Why Your Pup Prefers Your Cat Food

  • 3 min read

Dogs are fascinating little furballs, aren't they? Especially when it comes to their quirky food habits. Let's take Sparky, for instance – he's the kind of dog who seems to have an insatiable craving for the cat's food. Forget his own bowl, he's all about that feline feast. But what's really going on here?

We Think About These Things

Yep, these are the burning questions we ponder here at Nextrition. Dog food is our jam. We want our furry friends to be stoked about our cold-pressed dog food, not just munching on it because it's the only option.

So why does Sparky ditch his food for the cat's chow? Let's dive into a few possibilities:

1. The Cat's Food Tastes Better

First off, taste buds. Dogs have 'em, and they have preferences. This is why we're so loud about our cold-pressed dog food at Nextrition. We use low temps and lots of pressure to lock in both nutrition and flavor. We want our food to look good and taste even better. But Sparky? Maybe he's just not feeling his yawn-worthy kibble.

Cats are carnivores while dogs are omnivores, meaning that cats need a larger helping of animal protein in their diet and like a freshly grilled steak, meat and fat is an explosion of flavor! Sparky might've snagged a bite and thought, "Wow, this is way better than my usual grub."

2. Dogs Are Naturally Curious

Dogs are curious critters, especially when they're pups. Sparky might just be food aggressive and intrigued by the novelty of the cat's food. It's different, it's exciting, and who doesn't love a little culinary adventure?

3. Sparky Might Not Be Getting Proper Nutrition

Here's the tough pill to swallow: Sparky might be turning his nose up at his own food because it's not fully satiating his dietary desires for nutrients. Dogs need a variety of proteins, minerals and essential amino acids to stay healthy. Sometimes, homemade meals or lower quality food doesn’t consistently hit the nutritional mark. Sparky's body knows what it needs, and it might be telling him to chow down on the cat's higher-protein food, grass, or other items to seek additional nutrients.

4. The Habit Needs to Be Broken

So, if Sparky's made a habit of raiding the cat's bowl, it's probably best to break that cycle. Sure, cat food has more protein, but it isn’t formulated with all the nutrients that dogs need. Cat food is designed for cats, not dogs – plain and simple.

So how do you put an end to Sparky's cat food obsession? One trick is to feed Sparky and the cat in separate rooms. Out of sight, out of mind, right? This works best if you have a set feeding schedule instead of just leaving food out all day.

Got other ideas? Hit up your vet for more tips. Just remember, if Sparky's into the cat's food, it's a sign that his own diet might need an upgrade. Nextrition dog food is balanced and delicious – it might be just what Sparky needs to stay out of the cat's food and get excited about his own meals again.

So, let Sparky be Sparky, but let's also make sure he's getting the best nutrition possible. After all, a healthy dog is a happy dog, and that's what we're all about here at Nextrition.

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