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Tips for Training a Dog to Stay Calm at Mealtime

  • 2 min read
Your dog absolutely loves her cold pressed dog food. She might not know it's the superhero of gut health—ideal for her health and well-being—but she sure knows it tastes like the doggy equivalent of a five-star meal. Every time you grab that box from the pantry, she turns into a total frenzy of excitement. How can you help her dial down the drama at dinner?
Let’s get real: a calm dog at mealtime might as well be a unicorn in the dog park. But, hey, even unicorns can be found if you know where to look, right? Here's the scoop: teaching your dog 'meal manners' isn’t just possible; it’s a must, and it’s all about patience and practice.

It’s All About Impulse Control

We get it, you want the absolute best for your furry friend—cue the natural superhero chow. But while we’re dishing out the good stuff, let’s not skimp on teaching some cool, calm, collected food vibes. This whole frenzy at feeding time? It’s about taming the beast of impulse.
Remember, dogs are pack animals by nature. In the wild, it’s every pooch for itself when chow time rolls around. While we’re not trying to crush that wild spirit, we’re all about channeling that energy into some zen-like dining etiquette.
Training food manners isn’t about demanding your dog sit statue-still while you prep her gourmet dish—though that’s a bonus. It’s more about teaching her to chill out and not turn mealtime into a foodie free-for-all.

Different Ways to Rock Mealtime Training

We know all about healthy dog food here at Nextrition, unfortunately, we are not dog whisperers. But, we’ve scoped out some rad training tricks just for you:
  • The Elevator Game – Picture this: a trainer holds a bowl of treats aloft, then brings it down like it’s on an elevator. The lower it goes, the calmer your dog needs to be to earn a treat. It’s like mindfulness training but way tastier. Check out this video we loved that shows off this method.
  • The Bucket Game – This game’s all about focus. A dish of treats gets the left-right shimmy, and as long as your dog keeps a cool head and eyes on the prize, she gets a tasty reward. Watch this video to see this game in action.
Let’s face it, training with food or treats to prevent food-induced chaos sounds like a paradox. But that’s the art of teaching meal manners—it’s a game of patience and clever reward tactics.
Whether your dog’s chowing down on dry kibble, our revolutionary cold-pressed dry dog food, or something in between, mealtime doesn’t have to be a circus. Invest some time, toss in a dash of dedication, and watch your dog transform into the epitome of dinner time decorum. Get ready to redefine mealtime madness into mealtime coolness.
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