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Helpful Feeding Tips for Multi-Dog Households

  • 2 min read
Feeding time in a multi-dog household isn't just another meal; it can be a battle royale where only the savviest pack leader survives. If you've got multiple fur missiles launching themselves at the chow station like there's no tomorrow, welcome to the chaos club. But hey, don't sweat it—we’ve got some helpful tips to tame the beastly banquet and keep the peace.

Commandeer Separate Territories

In the wilds of your living room, establishing a pecking order is as natural as chasing the mailman. Your canines are natural pack animals and will behave as such. If you've noticed Big Boss Barker flexing his muscles at mealtime, it’s time to plot a strategic divide. Set up separate food stations—think crates, different rooms, or even using baby gates as a mini fortress. Not only does this tactic prevent food heists, but it’s also your first move in mastering the mealtime madness. With some clever training, you might just graduate from temporary peacekeeper to full-time harmony hero.

Dictate the Chow Down

Got a speedy eater who inhales food faster than you can say "sit"? In the mixed breed rumble of your kitchen, this can spark some serious envy. Craft your own mealtime fiefdom with a custom feeding station that slows down Sir Gulps-a-lot, keeping him focused on his own bowl fortress shielded by visual barriers. This isn’t just about maintaining order; it's about redefining the dining experience.

Deploy Slow-Mo Feasting

Rushing through dinner is a recipe for disaster, leading to bellyaches, bloating and a higher chance of upchucking their meal. Slow down the scoffing with these game-changing maneuvers:
  • Puzzle Feeder Shenanigans – Transform mealtime into a mind-bending challenge with a puzzle feeder that teases their brains as much as their taste buds. It’s a feast that fights boredom and builds brilliance.
  • Timed Feeding Tactics – Enter the era of tech-savvy brilliance with a timed feeder. Set the stage for a slow-release food fiesta that keeps them guessing and grazing, controlled right from your smartphone.
Top it all off with a solid feeding schedule under your watchful eye, and you've got a recipe for a serene supper. Your dogs will know what to expect, and you’ll finally get to enjoy the show without any unexpected twists.
While we're on the subject of meals, let's not forget about what's actually in those bowls. Ditch the heat-zapped, nutrient-stripped kibble of yesteryears and switch to our revolutionary cold-pressed dog food. It’s the culinary uprising your dog’s gut has been waiting for—packed with all the juicy goodness that comes from a low-temp love affair. Get ready to unleash a burst of health with every bite, and watch your pack thrive on the good stuff. Join our food revolution and let's bark up the right tree together!
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