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Why Your Dog Might Be Carrying Food Away

  • 2 min read
Some dogs pull the most rebellious stunts with their chow. Case in point: there are those rogue canines who snag a bite or two from their bowl, then trot off to a more secluded spot to munch away. And nope, it doesn’t matter if it’s crunchy kibble or our tasty, cold-pressed dog food morsels—they’re just not into dining at the bowl. So, what’s the deal with this maverick move?
First up, chill out. As long as your furry renegade is chowing down on top-notch healthy dog food and keeping up with his weight, where he decides to park himself for a meal isn’t the end of the world. Still, this quirky habit might bug some dog parents. Although it's totally natural, some would rather their furry pals stick to the bowl for their feasts.

The Pack Instinct Is Strong

Remember, dogs are all about the pack life. Whether they’re gobbling down our revolutionary cold-pressed food or something less inspiring, their pack mentality is hardwired in. This gives us a couple of clues as to why your dog might be dining on the run.
The first is all about keeping their food safe. In the wild, pack dynamics play out with top dogs and underdogs, and often, those lower on the totem pole get the leftovers. Even when they score some primo food, there’s always a chance another pack member might hijack their haul.
If your dog is scooting off with their food, they might just be securing it from other four-legged household members. Especially in a multi-dog home, this move is pretty standard—no biggie as long as everyone’s getting their fair share.

Dogs Hate Dining Alone

Ever noticed your dog is like your shadow, trailing you from room to room? That’s the pack instinct kicking in—they hate being alone.
If your dog hauls their food to whatever room you're in, they're probably just trying to keep the pack together, even at mealtime. They want to be where you are, part of the action—or should we say, part of the pack.

Maybe It’s the Bowl

Here’s a weird twist: sometimes, it’s not about the food but the bowl! Some dogs just can’t stand the clang of metal bowls. The noise of their own chomping echoing off the metal might just be too much. To dodge the sound, they grab their grub and sneak to a quieter spot.

Perhaps Your Dog Is a Secret Saver

And get this—some dogs might be tucking away food for later. You might see them carry it off but never see it eaten. Yup, your dog could be channeling their inner wild and stashing snacks for a rainy day. It's an instinct many feral and undomesticated breeds still practice.
So, if your dog is a bit of a food rebel, carting their meals to different places before digging in, don’t sweat it. As long as they’re munching enough and staying healthy, it’s all cool. But if this habit grinds your gears enough that you want to steer it back on track, consider the hacks we’ve laid out here. Just make sure your four-legged revolutionary continues to feast on enough healthy grub.
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